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Collection Spring 2020

For its Spring Collection, “Parisienne et Alors”, the Laury Thilleman brand, launched in 2018, offers looks with 80's accents, with drop-neck shoulder blazers, sweats and T-shirts in bleached Yellow, or bright Orange, mixed with elephant-legged trousers, or loose acid black jeans.

You'll find the brand's signature pieces, the twisted sailor sweater revisited, crop-shaped, with a fishnet knit, for a more sensual air and more 2020, the low boots with perfect heels, which for this season have been chosen unbleached to mix with the whole collection; and new jewels with pearls, turquoise and semi-precious stones with protective virtues.

Shot in the Somme bay, by Marion Leflour, each of the pieces of the collection was made by French craftsmen and workshops, according to the brand's Eco-Responsible commitments.

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